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ProstateCancerNews - 3/14/13
(MedPage Today) -- WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Medicare will pay for so-called FDG-PET scans for monitoring malignant tumors in routine practice, except in prostate cancer, according to a proposed decision memo. - 2/17/13
ORLANDO (MedPage Today) -- More than 90% of men with high-risk castration-resistant prostate cancer had significant biochemical responses to a novel anti-androgen, results of small clinical trial showed. - 2/15/13
ORLANDO (MedPage Today) -- Survival improved and disease progression slowed in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer treated in first line with abiraterone acetate (Zytiga). - 2/14/13
ORLANDO (MedPage Today) -- Immediate radiation therapy after radical prostatectomy led to a 50% increase in long-term biochemical progression-free survival for patients with locally advanced prostate cancer, according to a study reported here. - 2/14/13
ORLANDO (MedPage Today) -- Men with castration-resistant prostate cancer had worse survival when treated with corticosteroids, regardless of their primary treatment, a post-hoc analysis of a randomized trial showed.

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Prostate Cancer Screening: The Scrutiny Continues
An international group of specialists propose a minimum age and PSA value to reduce overdiagnosis in prostate cancer screening. More »
Prostate Cancer: Radiotherapy and ADT Resistance
News of a possible strategy to avoid androgen deprivation therapy in prostate cancer, and clues to identifying those in whom resistance to ADT is likely to develop. More »
Prostate Cancer Therapy: Something Old, Something New
New guidance on treatment for high-risk prostate cancer, and a revelation about a new marker for prognosis. More »
Prostate Cancer: Look to the Lymph Nodes
Degeneration or apoptosis of metastatic prostate cancer cells in pelvic lymph nodes can distinguish between aggressive and non-aggressive disease, according to Minneapolis-based researchers. More »
Denosumab Most Effective in High-Risk Prostate Cancer Patients
The anti-RANKL antibody denosumab is more effective for preventing bone metastasis in men with high-risk castration-resistant prostate cancer compared with low-risk disease, according to results of a new study. More »
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