In the news: respiratory disease underdiagnosed, Alzheimer biomarkers, Crohn disease microbiome, migraine device, sleep apnea and diabetes.

In the news: stroke prevention, heart disease and women, migraine and depression, cholinesterase inhibitors and dementia, multivitamins and cataract risk.

Chronic pain affects more Americans than diabetes mellitus, heart disease, and cancer combined. Here are some facts and figures about pain for you to consider.

Neurological disorders have been considered a significant threat to public health for some time. Take a look at these facts and figures.

The current study may help create new pathways for better understanding and developing more effective and more specific medications.

The US Food and Drug Administration has announced that the children of mothers who took medications including or related to valproate sodium during pregnancy show decreased IQ scores, and that these drugs are now contraindicated for pregnant women.

Most patients have a sophisticated idea of what causes their headaches, but the chances of this information being wrong are higher than desirable unless the patient formally experimented with triggers.


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