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LungCancerNews - 3/20/13
(MedPage Today) -- Digital x-rays augmented by computer-aided detection increased the identification rate for lung nodules in at-risk patients, but the number was too small to draw conclusions about the modality's value in screening, researchers found. - 3/20/13
(MedPage Today) -- A DNA repair biomarker thought to predict benefit from platinum-based chemotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer doesn't actually do that good a job, a validation study showed. - 3/17/13
(MedPage Today) -- Although most hospitals have taken extra steps to reduce Clostridium difficile infections, many say they see no difference in infection rates. Also this week: a novel lung cancer drug wins "breakthrough status. - 2/19/13
(MedPage Today) -- Using different selection criteria for lung cancer screening may catch more disease than the currently recommended criteria, researchers found. - 2/17/13
(MedPage Today) -- A more restrictive definition of a positive result in CT lung cancer screening could reduce the rate of false-positives and unnecessary follow-up tests, but may lead to a delay in diagnosis, researchers reported.

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Genetic Guidance for Pemetrexed-Based NSCLC Therapy
New studies suggest two different genetic profiles that may affect sensitivity to the drug pemetrexed in nonsmall-cell lung cancer. More »
Tools for Maximizing NSCLC Management
New ESMO guidelines on early and locally advanced nonsmall-cell lung cancer, and independent guidance on how many nodes to examine in node-negative NSCLC. More »
Antidepressants Could Treat Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Researchers used an unbiased bioinformatics approach to identify a class of drugs currently used for non-cancer treatment that could be used to treat small-cell lung cancer, a cancer type for which there are few treatment options. More »
Slide Show: Small-Cell Lung Cancer, Mesothelioma, and Thymoma
This lung cancer slide show features pathology images of small-cell lung carcinoma, neuroendocrine carcinomas, mesothelioma, and thymoma. More »
MicroRNAs Regulate Small-Cell Lung Cancer Bone Metastasis
Researchers have identified a novel pathway that promotes bone metastasis of small-cell lung cancer (SCLC). The study is in mice, but points to a potential target that could be exploited to control or prevent metastatic disease. More »
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