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Men Who Have Sex with Men Very Vulnerable to Resistant Gonorrhea

Men Who Have Sex with Men Very Vulnerable to Resistant Gonorrhea

Men who have sex with men are particularly vulnerable to the emerging threat of antimicrobial-resistant N. gonorrhoeae, according to a study of six years of surveillance data from publicly funded sexually transmitted disease clinics across the US. The authors suggest that clinicians monitor antimicrobial treatment failures among these men diagnosed with gonorrhea, and they also call for strengthened prevention strategies and new treatment options.

RESULT: Neisseria gonorrhoeae Antimicrobial Resistance Among Men Who Have Sex With Men and Men Who Have Sex Exclusively With Women: The Gonococcal Isolate Surveillance Project, 2005–2010
Annals of Internal Medicine | Mar 5, 2013 (Free abstract. Full text $19.95)

One useful alternative if cephalosporin resistance emerges may be gentamicin. Even though gentamicin does not meet current CDC criteria for recommended treatment of gonorrhea, this systematic review and meta-analysis found that a single dose of gentamicin was highly effective in the treatment of uncomplicated urogenital gonococcal infections.

RESULT: Effectiveness of gentamicin for gonorrhoea treatment: systematic review and meta-analysis
Sexually Transmitted Diseases | Dec 3, 2012 (Free abstract. Full text $30.00)


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