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This AIDS specialist predicts that the era of 2-drug regimens will be upon us. He explains why here and writes, "remember: you read about it first here."

How far are we from achieving the goal of diagnosing and treating 90% of HIV-infected people to an undetectable HIV RNA level by 2020?

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Depression is a major barrier to HIV care. But depression treatment can significantly reduce depressive severity--and improve HIV outcomes. Details here.

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A report on substance abuse and HIV research around the world.

A new era of antiretroviral therapy was previewed at IDWeek 2015 where results of trials of a "next gen" Truvada were unveiled.

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One US location has a higher incidence of HIV than “any country in sub-Saharan Africa.” What does this tell us about the inadequacies in our HIV prevention efforts?


News from the CDC: men who have sex with men should be targeted for high-frequency HIV testing.


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