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Failure to achieve urate targets in gout may have more to do with innate resistance or under-dosing than with poor adherence to the allopurinol regimen.

What actually are the tophi of gout? They are bits of blasted neutrophils with their feedback controls out of kilter, according to new research.

When does gout need treatment? A new set of staging criteria hopes to clarify the answer, and a separate report warns of the risks of unjustified treatment.

Medication adherence among gout patients is poorer than for many other chronic conditions. Authors of a systematic review point to some probable explanations.

Data from two large prospective studies confirm earlier suggestions that gout risk is increased among patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, independent of possible contributing factors such as metabolic syndrome.

Updating the evidence on gout treatment, a systematic review assesses how to offer the best for gout patients while keeping their comorbidities in mind.

A new study resolves weaknesses in earlier research to provide clearer guidance about alcohol and gout. Any type of alcohol, including wine, can trigger gout attacks.


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