A new study resolves weaknesses in earlier research to provide clearer guidance about alcohol and gout. Any type of alcohol, including wine, can trigger gout attacks.


Could gout go the way of smallpox? It might, if only everyone would follow the guidelines available for management, says an editorial.

Here: 5 questions that test your knowledge of gout, psoriasis, COPD, and dermatologic lesions.

Why are gout patients seeking treatment from their healthcare providers at three times the rate they were in the later 20th century? Researchers suggest that better disease awareness and an aging population may hold the answers.

ACR2013: Dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) proves a much clearer picture in complicated cases where gout may be challenging to diagnose.

ACR2013: Urate crystals turned up in dual-energy CT and pathology studies of OA patients never diagnosed with gout who came to the Mayo Clinic for knee replacement, raising intriguing questions.

Pegloticase may reduce or eradicate the urate crystal mass in painful gout tophi, according to phase 3 trial results.


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