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All of the signs pointed to osteomyelitis with sepsis. But further examination pointed to consequences of poorly controlled gout.

Watch for the onset of diabetes and other cardiovascular risk factors among gout patients, particularly women. A study using US insurance claims has validated UK data that showed the same gender difference.

In court decision to approve generic colchicine for gout, American College of Rheumatology arguments about the risk to patients of exorbitant pricing may have played an important role. Is this a harbinger of something?

(VIDEO) A gout drug with a new mechanism is showing promise in combination with existing remedies. In this interview, a leader in its progress to market tells why lesinurad could help put an undertreated disorder in a new light.

(ACR2014) Our rheumatologist correspondent found three issues of particular interest: a biomarker test that has gone quickly to market, new diagnostic criteria for gout, and the potential of ultrasound for Sjögren syndrome.

(ACR2014) These researchers learned what is actually happening to many gout patients who flare, and offer powerful reasons for its doctors to do better.

Treating gout with allopurinol is certainly less costly than no treatment whatever, all things considered. But a study shows even a more expensive combination may be cost-effective too.


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