The decision to start insulin therapy requires frank dialogue with a patient about lifestyle, psychosocial, and employment matters. Given this patient's particulars, what type of insulin would you prescribe and on what schedule?

The patient is a 53-year-old African American with type 2 diabetes, in the clinic for regular follow-up. Review the rest of his exam results and select your option for the next step(s).

A new study sheds light on the economic and clinical costs associated with "maintaining a failing T2DM treatment regimen."

Drugs, diseases, guidelines, databases—all at the touch of an app. Here: a selection of smartphone/tablet applications that may make your clinical practice a little easier this coming year.

The investigational LX4211 may one day fill a need for these patients who are unable to eliminate a lot of glucose in urine and who respond poorly to selective SGLT2 inhibitors.

Several tests effectively and objectively demonstrate gastric emptying in patients with suspected gastroparesis. Which of the four suggested here would not be used?

In this unfortunately typical scenario, which medication would you choose as first-line treatment?


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