Major depressive disorder (MDD): Interferes with daily activities. May recur several times
Dysthymia: Non-disabling. Chronic symptoms may alternate with MDD
Bipolar disorder: Mood cycles between highs (mania) and lows (depression)

Depression has differing effects for children and adolescents, elderly adults, and women than it has in adult males. 



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ClinicalTrials - 3/25/13 - 1/1/13 - 7/29/12
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Large Study Confirms White Matter Abnormalities in Bipolar Disorder
A large international study finds distinct differences in white matter in the brains of patients with bipolar disorder, confirming many smaller but less conclusive studies. More »
Studies Track Shifts in Use of Medications for Manic Episodes in Bipolar
Changes in reimbursement patterns appear to affect the use of drugs for mania in bipolar disorder, and recent studies suggest optimal approaches to treatment of acute manic episodes. More »
Using Internet Search Patterns to Predict Mood Swings
Tracking searches on medications for bipolar disorder reveals patterns that may be used to help patients better understand and prepare for mood cycling. More »
Racial Disparity in Bipolar Treatment: Why?
Black Americans are no less likely than other groups to have bipolar disorder, but they are less likely to be diagnosed or treated. A new study explores the possible reasons. More »
Serum Cholesterol, Meds Don't Explain Bipolar's High Suicide Risk
New research exonerates cholesterol and psychotropic medications as contributing factors in the increased suicide risk among bipolar patients. Lithium seems even to reduce the risk of suicide. More »
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Dual Diagnosis of Illegal Drug and Mood Disorders Needs Integrated Treatment
April 9, 2014

Surveys reveal that only half of US mental health centers offer treatment programs for people who have both illegal drug disorders and mental health problems.

Blood Pressure Differs in Acute Hemorrhagic Versus Ischemic Stroke
April 8, 2014

Blood pressure changes, and management, are different in hemorrhagic stroke. A new analysis suggests prognostic signals in blood pressure variability, and clues to management, in hemorrhagic stroke.

Iressa, IMRT: Enduring Results in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
April 4, 2014

A new way to predict which nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients will respond to gefitinib, and how to reduce the risk of failure from intensity-modulated radiation therapy.


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Audrey "Christie" Mclaughlin, RN, January 23, 2014
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Aubrey Westgate,  January 22, 2014
Here are nine questions that can help reveal if becoming acquired by a larger system is the right move for you and your practice.
Four January Business Planning To-Dos for Doctors
Ike Devji, JD,  January 21, 2014
Here are some of the more important financial and business issues physicians should take care of this month.
Why Insurance Companies Should Collect Patient Payments
Leann DiDomenico McAllister,  January 20, 2014
It's time to take patient collections out of physicians' practices to truly have patients make responsible choices about their healthcare dollars.
How Facebook Helped Market a New Physician Practice Model
Raquel Baldelomar, January 17, 2014
An Arizona-based OB/GYN medical group found Facebook to be the most efficient and effective way to reach women and educate them on their new practice.


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