This case highlights medication errors that can result from drug interactions noted with the use of tamoxifen or other chemotherapeutic agents.

These reviews describe the conflicts that physicians feel in relating to suicidal patients, and the barriers that patients may present to recognition of their suicide risk.

Data from pivotal international phase III clinical trials showed superior efficacy, safety, and convenience for a new wave of direct-acting oral agents. The breakthrough will benefit physicians in all practice settings, including primary care.

The “take home” from this presentation: be cautious with inappropriate use of drugs with or without black box warnings, but maintain a healthy skepticism about some of these warnings. Cases in point: droperidol, antidepressants, clindamycin.

A review explains how inflammation plays a contributing role in depression and perhaps other psychiatric disorders, and may offer an avenue to new therapies.

Identifying and managing unrecognized obstructive sleep apnea before surgery can improve postoperative airway function.

Relationship with parents, especially those who are depressed, is an important factor in adolescent suicide risk.


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