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Background:Few international population-based studies have provided information on potential determinants of international disparities in cancer survival. This population-based study was undertaken to identify the principal differences in disease characteristics and management that accounted for previously observed poorer survival in English compared with French patients with colorectal cancer.Methods:The study population comprised all cases of colorectal cancer diagnosed between 1997 and 2004 in the area - 3/25/13
(MedPage Today) -- Smoking is linked to gene expression changes, some of which appear to persist after quitting, researchers found. - 3/25/13
(MedPage Today) -- Physically-active physicians were up to five times more likely to counsel their patients about exercise, a meta-analysis suggested. - 3/25/13
WASHINGTON (MedPage Today) -- Several Supreme Court justices had hard questions about the Federal Trade Commission's arguments against "pay-for-delay" drug patent settlements during arguments before the court on Monday. - 3/25/13
(MedPage Today) -- Clinicians should exclude potential causes of bleeding in children before deciding child abuse is to blame, the American Academy of Pediatrics has advised in two reports on the topic.

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