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Opiate Abuse Increased Among Young Mothers

Opiate Abuse Increased Among Young Mothers

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Young women are nearly as likely as men to abuse opiate medications, which has led to a substantial increase in opiate-dependent newborns treated for withdrawal syndrome or neonatal abstinence syndrome. The rate of maternal opiate use increased nearly fivefold in the US from 2000 to 2009.

RESULT: Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Associated Health Care Expenditures United States, 2000-2009
JAMA | May 9, 2012 (FREE FULL TEXT)

Some of these women may be returning US war veterans with mental health diagnoses, especially posttraumatic stress disorder. Vets are more likely than others to receive opioids for pain, according to this study of more than 15,000 veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who were prescribed opioids within one year of their initial pain diagnosis.

RESULT: Association of Mental Health Disorders With Prescription Opioids and High-Risk Opioid Use in US Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan
JAMA | Mar 7, 2012 (FREE FULL TEXT)


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