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Relapse Prevention for Mania in Bipolar Affective Disorder

Relapse Prevention for Mania in Bipolar Affective Disorder

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A home treatment team strategy for acute relapse prevention can reduce hospital admissions for mania among patients with bipolar affective disorder, promoting the benefit of helping these patients recognize the signs of relapse to control their condition and reduce its impact on their lives.

These authors used a retrospective design to analyze records of 59 patients who were hospitalized for mania. They found statistically significant reductions in admission and detention rates following the introduction of the acute relapse prevention strategy. The median length of stay per admission was not significantly reduced.

The authors conclude that a person-centered care plan such as acute relapse prevention enables quick action in response to relapse-warning signs of mania and appears to reduce rates of admission to the hospital.  

RESULT: Does a home treatment acute relapse prevention strategy reduce admissions for people with mania in bipolar affective disorder? British Journal of Psychiatry Bulletin. | Dec 1, 2014 (FREE FULL TEXT)


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