Asthma Over 65: Watch Out for Infections

Asthma Over 65: Watch Out for Infections

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Adults over age 65 with pre-existing asthma who are also obese are the people most likely to be hospitalized for pertussis, according to this very large population-based prospective cohort study. Check to be sure these at-risk adults have received pertussis vaccinations, the authors suggest.

Pertussis in older adults: prospective study of risk factors and morbidity
Clinical Infectious Diseases | Jul 26, 2012 (Free abstract. Full text $40)

Asthma patients older than age 65 commonly have comorbid infections with acute bronchitis and pneumonia. This retrospective Canadian study used universal health administrative data to describe and quantify asthma comorbidity in a large, real world population.

RESULT: Describing and Quantifying Asthma Comorbidity: A Population Study
PLosOne | May 7, 2012 (FREE FULL TEXT) 

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