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Scientists have identified a single nucleotide polymorphism that appears to be associated with gene expression and susceptibility to bipolar disorder.

What impact should this recent finding have on clinical practice?

Does good insight at start of pharmacologic treatment enhance outcomes?

Newer classes of drugs are being chosen over traditional agents as treatment for patients newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

This study found a higher number of past manic episodes had the strongest correlation with the poorest outcomes in verbal memory testing.

Lithium therapy in bipolar disorder is associated with chronic kidney disease but not with an increased rate of end-stage disease.

What would lead clinicians to prescribe a novel antipsychotic as first-line therapy for manic symptoms over standard bipolar agents like lithium and valproate?

Depressive symptoms improved in bipolar patients given instruction on the role of circadian rhythm disturbance in mental disorders.

Children with bipolar 1 disorder ages 6 to 15 years, had better response to risperidone than to lithium or divalproex in the TEAM study.

A study from the UK found that patients with bipolar type 2 disorder were at significantly higher risk of problem gambling than those with bipolar type 1 disorder.


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