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A bipolar "cure" is unlikely, because most patients who discontinue medication relapse, and often fairly quickly. For pregnant women, this presents difficult questions.

Sexual dysfunction is a common problem in psychotic disorders such as bipolar. But is it due to the illness itself or the medications used to treat it?

Neuroanatomy studies are revealing differences in responses involving judgment and impulsivity between people with bipolar disorder and those with other behavioral disorders or healthy controls.

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Statin drugs may cause serious muscle damage more often than most doctors or clinical trials recognized, authors of a new review contend. However, the risk may not justify discontinuing the medication.

Obstructive sleep apnea tracks with glycemic health, both for people who have diabetes and for others who don't.

Guidance for optimizing the number of lymph notes to remove at prostatectomy for prostate cancer, and for minimizing post-operative complications.

What accounts for the legendary creativity of patients with bipolar disorder? Long assumed to be an effect of the manic phase, it may have as much to do with heightened sensory capacities, according to a new report.

Both emotional assessments using mood scales and functional MRI are helping to define the ways in which mood regulation and perception are disturbed in the affective states of bipolar disorder.

Genome-wide studies implicate distinctive signaling pathways in bipolar, and functional MRI points to elements of reward-seeking behavior as common to patients with the disorder.


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